AWAB between cartagena/columbia and san blas panama charter, caribean

Peter Kaiser


As a young student I dreamed to sail around the world. After ten years living and working as a fashion photographer in Miami the dream came  finally through.

1999 I bought AWAB (the initials for ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFULL).

I sailed with the ketch from Miami to Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala., Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela and parts of the western caribbean islands.

The next 2 years I will cruise between Cartagena/Columbia and the splendid San Blas Islands/Panama.


I worked as a fashion photographer (Diploma  in Graphic Design) for over 20 years. When I turned 45 I decided  to have enough of the sparkling and shining fashion world and I changed my life radical. Spending the summer in Italy in the “campagne” and sail during the wintersaison is absolute the best decision. If you want to share the precious moments on the boat  and the experience I got the last 8 years please contact me under: